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Zacsper's Curse is simply the curse Zacsper has of not being able to stop fully-creating and describing a quirk for an OC until he is told that its already been done/can't be done. The S5 version of it had three quirks fully described quirks created and rejected in a single day. (7k to 9.8k characters for each one)

Quirk 1: Point-Warping Edit

The first quirk that was made before joining, called "Point Warping", was the ability to warp into anything with running electrical signals within it. This was eventually and quickly rejected even after fully typing it out due to the OP nature of his quirk (no overuse limit) and the fact that equipment is not allowed, so he would be highly map-focused.

Quirk 2: Walls and Portals Edit

The second out-of-desperation quirk made by Zacsper, this quirk was rejected by him himself simply because it was bad. The specifics for this one actually still exist, though not to the Tournament Format.

"Able to create a maximum 6 portals to control at once, of which he can control the size of. The maximum size he can make them is as big as himself. Each portal links to the next one made after, and each portal is 2 way. Creating only one portal is basically just creating a big wall, which can be broken, it's slightly stronger than the average wall in a house.

His main use is to use them to either move himself, his limbs, or his enemy through them. These portals themselves have a "reaction" time.

Essentially, when touching a connected portal, it initially feels like a wall, and then it opens after .5 seconds through reaction. This means any punch needs to be made taking this in mind, and it also gives people time to react to the portal if they were about to land in it.

By extension, this also means that it needs to be touched in order to actually start a transport.

The portals themselves take 3 seconds of cupping his hands to create for each one, totaling 18 seconds for all 6. This makes him vulnerable due to the fact that someone can hit him while his hands are down.

As for how they're positioned, its simply with thought, they're not directly grabbable, but they are able to be touched. It's almost like a wall that has no corners no matter what direction you grab it at."

Quirk 3: Self-Blood-Manipulation Edit

This quirk, which has been stated multiple times by Zacsper to be the favorite one he's made, was rejected due to it being the exact same thing in concept as Sekijiro Khan from Boku No Hero Academia.

This exists fully in tournament format however, and reaches a whopping 9791 Characters.

Character Name: Nahr Hyz

Age: 16

Hero Name: Sanquishot

Bio: Nahr's quirk has always been a struggle for him. He had a phobia of blood at his younger years, so to find his quirk had such a violent nature, and that this violent nature dealt with the very thing he feared, he had no clue what to do. For the longest time he simply avoided testing his quirk except on the inside of his body, where he couldn't see it. This gave him experience with the control of its flow and clotting over the years, until one day a friend of his broke his own arm. The bone had gone through the skin after the break, and as expected the injury was severe, and nobody around really had anything to deal with it. Nahr, knowing his clotting ability of his blood, let it pierce his skin for the first time, so that it could cover his friends arm to stop bleeding, and to hold the bone in place. After they brought him to a hospital, he was thanked for the use of his quirk, which brought him happiness of what his quirk was for the first time. At home later, he attempted again to use the quirk to pierce his skin, and he found that his fear of it was rather diminished, the only fear there being that he just cut his arm through his quirk-use. He quickly attempted to see what he could do with it, training its properties on the outside of his body, bringing him eventually to the control of it he has today.

Quirk: Blood Manipulation.

This quirk allows remote manipulation of one's own blood.

It can change its size, shape, hardness, and location. The hardest it can get however, is about the strength of a mostly-ice-snowball. (You know, the type that asshole friend of yours makes to make it hurt a hell of a lot more.) The speed at which it can move varies, but its top speed is about 100 MPH, or to give that type of speed more reference, about the same speed as the fastest pitches of baseballs. It takes .25 seconds for every 25 MPH interval it goes up, making it take 1 second for 100 MPH. (To seal wounds caused by piercing his skin to avoid unnecessary blood loss, he hardens the blood around the injury.)


Blood Bullet: By making a glob of blood about the size of a pinkie finger in length and width, he can fire this at the enemy to act essentially as a bullet, and while its nowhere near the speed of an actual bullet (The average speed of a bullet being 1700mph) it will still deal quite decent damage. The tip can be changed to pointed or flat for blunt or piercing forces. Its direction while traveling can be changed while in the 10m to correct direction and aim, (to make it curve and such) but once it hits his 10m mark, he loses all control of it. It can go a maximum of 20 meters before losing speed. (This uses negligible amounts of blood, but its more for sniping from a range for damage due to the time requirement to hit top speed. However, if he does overuse it, like anything else, it will stack up. Not to mention, this technique doesn't allow him to retake blood back in for it because it leaves his range. All techniques can be shot like a large blood bullet or multiple of them.)

Blood Tendril: For close range combat, a whip-like weapon can be made from blood to hit the enemy with at high speeds. The drawback to this use is its risk, as it will almost always break on impact, and need to be reformed, which counts towards the drawback that will be listed in Weaknesses. (This uses about 1/3rd a pint.)

Blood Fang: Through stretching blood on both sides, he can attempt to get it behind the enemy to strike out in pointed "fangs" towards their back. This uses an enormous amount of blood to stretch it to hard-to-notice areas behind the enemy. (About half a pint to a pint depending on range away from the enemy.)

Blood Limb: Makes a limb from blood, connected OR disconnected from the main body. Used (when connected) to stretch to climb higher areas, or (when not connected) attacking at high speeds/picking things up from 10m away.

Blood Formation: Multiple different formations can be made from the blood, similar to a green-lantern-like power of creating multiple different objects. Of course, their hardness is limited, but they can be used for thick blocks for a quick slowing of an attack/blocking of one, or for small platforms that can be quickly bounced off to reach higher areas. (Depending on the use, this uses anywhere from amounts of blood the size of 2 Iphone 7+'s (platforms to reach higher areas) or for a blocking of attacks, anywhere from 1/4th a pint to a full pint depending on how high their strength is. 1/4th is good for 1-4s, half is good for 5-6s, 3/4ths is good for 7-8s, and a full pint is required for 9-10s to have any effect at slowing or blocking attacks)

Blood-Soak: By covering parts of an enemy's body in blood and hardening it to its max amount, he can slow their movements, or make the blood move up and pound down on that part. This uses the second most amount of blood out of all techniques, (about half a pint on average size, 3/4ths if enemy is large, 1/4th if enemy is small) and it also has risk involved in that if they are able to smash it off, burn it off, anything to it, then that just counted towards the drawback of that amount.

Blood-Wave: A defense-based technique, used when one gets too close or if he's getting rushed, he expels about a pint of high-speed blood forward in a sharp-pointed wave to hit the enemy and push them far backwards.

Signature Move:

Blood Barrage: By essentially "loading" a large glob of blood into multiple blood bullets in a formation, he can fire off them in a barrage towards the enemy. This uses a pint of blood for every 18 bullets. However, the drawback to this is that this blood also cannot be returned after a single use, rather than 3. This is due to the large amount of blood being shot out of his range. Blood Barrage CAN be used on the third use of an amount of blood, however this will slow the bullets speed by half. (50 MPH top speed, 1 second acceleration to that speed)


This quirk has many weaknesses. For starters, it uses blood. The more blood he uses, the more blood is outside of his body, and as everyone knows, that's not a good thing to lose a lot of blood. His fainting-limit is about 5 pints of blood being lost, which, to give you an idea of that, its basically 5 of these:

His quirk can shove the blood that has been used back inside of him, however it also has an "overuse" limit for amounts of blood. His quirk limits him to only controlling the amount of blood he started with using until its been overused so that he can move on to the next amount. (This is more for balancing to keep him from just using different sets of blood to bypass the overuse limit.) This overuse limit of being used-and-reused after breaking or being used and re-put into the body is 3 times per glob-amount of blood. So, to give an example, if he were to use "Blood Wave" 3 times and not put it back in those 3 times, it would harden on the ground after the third and be unusable. Or if he fired "Blood Wave" three times and put it back into his body two of those times, it would, after the third use, harden on the ground and be unusable. The quirk also has a set range, that being 10 meters. The fastest it can do anything with negligible acceleration amounts (.25s and below) is 25 MPH and below. The quirk also begins to slow to everything happening at half speed when 3 pints have been used.

Not to mention another weakness is due to the fact he can't switch the amount of blood, ("His quirk limits him to only controlling the amount of blood he started with using until its been overused so that he can move on to the next amount.") he's stuck using that same amount of blood for his next attack. So, if he were to use "Blood Wave" to defend himself from a rush, he would have to use that same amount of blood for his next attack. Of course, he can use a little of that pint from blood wave at a time, like multiple blood bullets, however things like that will go outside of the range, obviously.

Fighting Style: Nahr is a straight up medium-to-long-range attacker. He's not one for using a lot of blood at close range due to the risk it takes, and he realizes the safety of attacking with smaller amounts at a range, or for large damage at a range with things like blood fang. However, he has trained himself to fight H2H against average-strength individuals to avoid using his blood as much as possible in close range.


Strength: 4+3 (He has trained himself in combat to have an edge against average-strengthed people, and his quirk itself does increase his damage by a lot, its main purpose being to attack.)

Speed: 3+3 (He himself is averagely fast, and his quirk has a decent amount of speed to go with it, the only problem being it diminishes from overuse.)

Defense: 2 (He has an ability to block attacks with blood formation, but even doing so does succeed to do decent damage to himself due to blood loss from large blood use.)

Endurance: 2+2 (The ability to shove your blood back inside of you is pretty much the definition of taking damage and continuing onwards. He requires decent pain resistance and stamina as well to go on with blood piercing his skin and losing large amounts of it.)

Quirk Mastery: 4+2 (He has a decent basic mastery of his quirk as well as a decent ability to come up with new techniques, but most of them are attacking, with very little defense techniques that are actually decent at protecting himself without large blood loss. However, he does have a large mastery at his blood bullet ability with his ability to change direction in the amount of time it is inside his range to correct aim mistakes or to curve.)

After the Curse Edit

After the third quirk was created and rejected, Zacsper finally was able to create Fingerblasting, (see Nahr Hyz) and swore an oath in the Discord Chat Server that if this quirk was rejected, he would kill himself.

Trivia Edit

  • While these 3 are the fully typed out ones, these are not the only quirks thought of by Zacsper. The other ones in his desperation that were thought of include: Gravity Balls that increase or decrease gravity, control of momentum of objects, the control of all darkness in a certain range, the control of all light in a certain range, and an extendable iron dick to pay homage to Mimma Raes.