Slippy Thompson is one of the 32 contestants in the BNHA OCT5, selected by judge "SlimeBoy - Arceus."

Bio: Edit

Slippy never was really that flashy, he prefers to set traps and let those do the work. He enjoys working with others more than alone. This is because when he was younger, people disliked being in a group with slime boy. He hates loneliness.

Quirk: Edit

Slippy skin has a thin coat of slime. This slime has a spectrum of how sticky it is, ranging from mineta levels to super duper slippery. The slime sticks to his skin regardless of how sticky the outside of it is.

Abilities: Edit

Slime trap: Slippy is able to apply a layer of slime to a surface. The slime stays the exact same stickiness as it was on Slippy's body. It cannot change after it is not in contact with Slippy. He has to consciously apply this slime, simply making contact on the surface will not cause the trap to come.

Slime hold: Slippy wraps his arms around a target/object. If he is sticky, he should be able to lock down the target (depending on its size). If he is slippery, he can make it shoot off in the direction he points.

Speed up: By even gaining slight momentum, he can change his slime to the highest slipperiness, causing him to gain speed and then collide into something. His slime offers minor protection against collisions, but he will still get hurt if he goes too fast. This can also just be a useful way to travel. To stop, he simply changes the slime back to sticky.

Terrain cover: He can apply his slime over areas of unstable terrain (or stable terrain) in order to create a path for allies or eliminate a path for enemies.

Weakness: Edit

His body automatically creates slime to cover parts of his body that don’t have slime. The slime requires water to create, so if it gets rubbed off by some external force, he can become dehydrated. Too much heat will cause his slime to dry. This makes it much harder for him to move, plus his body will create more slime making him possibly dehydrated if he used too much. It will harden if he is too cold as well. This also impairs his movement.

Stats: Edit

Stat Base Points Quirk Points
Strength 4 2
Speed 2 3
Defense 2 5
Endurance 3 0
Quirk Mastery 4 0