Edea Mors is one of the 32 contestants for the BNHA OCT5, chosen by judge "Reycom."

Bio: Edit

Born the daughter of two midwestern heroes, the pursuit of heroics was a natural course for the young lady. Despite her frightful appearance, this up-and-coming heroine looks to show the world that anyone, no matter their looks or their quirks, can be a hero if their heart is in it! Polished to a shine, she's ready to straighten out the world of villains, and set them on a path to a dazzling future! Make way for Amelo, the Ivory Shine Heroine!

Quirk: Edit

Enamel is already the hardest part of the human body, and for Amelo, its hardness is increased a hundred fold! But there are weaknesses to being head-to-toe-tooth; Acidic attacks bypass her resilience with added effectiveness, and the lack of nerves in enamel mean her sensation of touch is diminished. While she feels less pain, that means she doesn't have the best awareness to know when to stop before getting seriously injured! Furthermore, she's no good with the cold - ice and similar conditions chill her to the root, and straight to the bone! That's a lot of weaknesses, but I'm still rooting for you, Amelo!

Techniques: Edit

  • Fighting Style: Tooth-To-Hand: Amelo is primarily a hand to hand fighter, relying on her mutant-type quirk to give her an edge in battle. It's like being punched and bitten at the same time!
  • Extraction: In a pinch, Amelo can cause teeth to grow in at an explosive rate! Doing so ejects the teeth already on the surface. Like losing your baby teeth, Amelo can replace damaged or injured teeth quickly, while also firing off sharp and hard projectiles at her foes! She can choose what kind of teeth she grows, be they incisors, molars, or canines! This is a short range "attack" with some defensive properties, but also very taxing. She can't do it too often without a healthy meal!

Stats: Edit

Stats Overall Points
Strength 4
Speed 2
Defense 10
Endurance 4
Quirk Mastery 5

Dream: Edit

It is Amelo's dream to become an inspiring hero not only setting villains on paths to rehabilitation, but with an advertising job with a major toothpaste corporation. To become a worldwide spokesperson would be an honor!

Trivia: Edit

Amelo's older brother, whose quirk is the regrettable "Teeth that Create Soap" quirk, is a constant reminder that there are drawbacks to marrying for love with no consideration of quirk combination. His constantly soapy food is a cross to bear. Let us all fight well in his (still living) memory.