Dave “Stanley” Yelnats is one of the 32 contestants in the 5th BNHA OC tournament, selected by judge "EXCaliber."

Appearance Edit

Stanley has waist-length Cosmic Latte colored hair that he wears in a large ponytail and a Goatee.

Quirk and Abilities Edit

Quirk Edit

Hole Control: Allows the user to create holes by “compressing a surface”. Center of the hole must be within 10 foot radius of user. The hole can be upwards to 10 foot diameter on surfaces, 10 feet deep. Can create upwards to 3 holes at one time. Hole “opens up” if it goes entirely through an object. Holes close from bottom up. Holes don’t have to be straight down. Works sort of like an elevator. From where surface starts, pushes in on itself. Can create holes on any surface except other humans. Holes can stack. Can be used on self. On self, can only be a foot wide. If something can go through both ends of the hole, hole is prevented from closing.

Techniques Edit

Pipe Technique: Can create a hole that curves, then create a second hole that curves back out of surface. Closes both holes, forcing him back towards the surface.

Trip Technique: Small hole, created solely to trip opponents.

“Dodge” Technique: Can create holes through himself to “dodge” incoming attacks.

Bob & Weave: Drops floor from under him slightly to dodge under an attack.

Rapid Expanse Punch: Hand disappears into a “hole” up to the elbow, then causes it to reappear quickly.

Weakness: Can only have 3 holes at one time. Holes can’t close if something is obstructing both ends of the hole.

Fighting Style Edit

Quirk Based

Stats Edit

• Strength: 3 (+0)

• Speed: 4 (+5)

• Defense: 2 (+0)

• Endurance: 4 (+0)